Monday, June 16, 2014

Rolling out My New Channel

The roll out of my new youtube channel Essceejulies has been a little rough. A couple of my videos were having audio problems so I had to delete them and then repost them. I can tell you it is as frustrating as it sounds. I also have to admit that I am not the best self-promoter so things have been a bit slow. But
I feel like everything is now coming together. I've posted 5 videos including a trailer. 

If you are a regular reader of my blog you'll notice that 2014 so far hasn't been my most productive year. A confluence of factors are the cause of the low productivity but the main one is youtube. Like I've stated in previous blog posts I've really started to like creating videos and saw that more and more people were using videos to tell their stories. There was a little hesitation on my part to openly talk about my visual impairment because I didn't want people to stereotype me as only that. I want to be known as someone who has a visual impairment not just as my visual impairment.

Most people think that Youtube is a place filled with cat videos but its also a tremendous social network. Where people not only present ideas or make entertaining video content but also build communities of like-minds. There are communities based on food, video games, fashion/beauty, lifestyles and the list goes on. So I thought the disability community has to be out there too. Actually more specifically those whose disability is caused by Stargardt's. Its been a little difficult finding others but I have. Most of them are not vloggers per se but have made videos talking about their experiences. 

Here is a link to a playlist featuring them.

So I decided that I wanted to make a new channel where I talk about my experiences with Stargardt's and connect to other within the disability community.

The videos are posted on Thursdays and will be posted on this blog on Fridays. Here's the link to my channel so you don't miss out:

 Here are my latest four videos to catch you up to speed.

What I See: An Introduction

This is the introduction where I talk about my experience.

In this video I clarify some things and introduce you to two channels by others with Stargardt's; Stargardt Mommy and The Blind Spot.

In the below video I talk about living within my visual acuity. Since I'm in the somewhat early stages of Stargardt's my vision isn't so bad that I can't see at all but I do have some limitations. Living within these limitations is what I have to deal with.

This below video features a playlist of videos I initially made on my other channel (Essceejulies Vlogs) talking about my vision. Some of the videos in the playlist have been featured on this blog.

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