Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New Youtube Channel | Essceejulies

Oh wow a blog post that isn't a TED Talk. Could this mean this blog will start being a blog again? One way I'm attempting to get back into the groove is by incorporating my interest in making videos.

On my personal youtube channel I tip-toed around talking about my disability. I made that account back in 2007 before I was diagnosed so its original intent was different. I made a few videos that I've posted on this blog but never really went in-depth. I felt it would be better to make a separate channel that would be a companion  to this blog which would be a forum for people to talk about disability and connect.

In the video (below) I give a brief overview of being legally blind, Stargardt's and all the emotions surrounding my vision loss. You can subscribe here: www.youtube.com/TheEssceejulies. Videos will be posted on Thursdays. 

UPDATE: There were some complaints about the audio in the previous video so I uploaded an edited version of that video.)

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