Tuesday, October 29, 2013

#TEDTalkTuesday - Vampires: Folklore, fantasy and fact - Michael Molina

I'm switching it up a bit with my TED Talk Tuesday post and featuring a video from the education branch of the TED organization. This year I've been more enthusiastic about celebrating Halloween since last year being unable to due so because of Hurricane Sandy.
I wanted to share this interesting video with you about vampires and folklore. I'm a bit of a history and anthropology geek so videos like the below are quite fascinating. The clip is an entertaining animated look at how the folklore of vampires is more than just Dracula but is a global phenomenon. Its cool how people all around the world who didn't have any interactions with one another all came to a similar conclusion.

Earlier this month on my Youtube channel I attempted to make a video about mythology and folklore but I feel the below video did a better job presenting that idea. I'll save you a few minutes by not posting that video here.

Its interesting the topic is about vampires because I can point out a few similarities between vampires and someone who has Stargardt's. You're probably like what? I'll explain:

  1. Vampires often have to shield themselves from the light. People who have Stargardt's shield ourselves from bright lights because of photophobia or light sensitivity.
  2. Vampires are often portrayed as having red eyes. Some Stargardt's/Low Vision patients might benefit from wearing red contact lenses. (Achromatopsia Info
I'm not exactly sure how I feel about wearing red contact lenses all year long. It would be different but I definitely would have to investigate further.
This video has given me the idea that I should possibly be a vampire this halloween, I'm still undecided. I got the photophobia down-packed. Just need some fangs and makeup and I'm good to go. *smiles*

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