Tuesday, October 15, 2013

TEDTalkTuesday - Julian Baggini: Being Multifokal

Finally back with a new TED Talk. The title of this blog is The Ever Changing Perspective of Essceejulies. The word in that title that jumps out should be perspective. The use of the word perspective isn't just used to describe the physical sense of sight but how perspective shapes how we see with our inner-vision. Perspective molds so much of how we navigate through life. It shapes who we think we are and how we interact with others.

The below video is a talk from the TEDxKingsCollegeLondon conference featuring writer, journalist and philosopher Julian Baggini. Mr. Baggini has written several books about perception and personal identity. In his TED Talk he discusses the importance of "seeing" the world and one's self through a multifocal lens. Too often when we narrowly perceive ourselves or others in a singular way we greatly limit our experiences. 

When I was told I was losing my vision it really made me question my personal identity. It changed my perspective on who I thought I was and what I could do. I had and still  have to a certain extent a fear that I'm just going to be known as someone with a visual impairment. I can not define myself in that narrow narrative. 

"When we come to see ourselves in terms of just one thing. For example, I'm a writer or I'm a mother or whatever it might be. You're very vulnerable. If something happens in your life which challenges that identity and your left without the sense of identity. Its very important to recognize the plurality of who you really are... for resilience" - Julian Baggini: from the TED Talk Being Multifokal"
Over the past year I have gotten the opportunity to know many amazing people who also happen to have disabilities. They haven't allowed society's myopic views or themselves limit what they can do. That's why this blog is called The Ever Changing Perspective of Essceejulies because we should never allow ourselves to be narrowly defined.

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