Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TED Talk Tuesday: Chen Lizra - Seduction In Our Everyday lives

I took a bit of a mini-break from the blog but I'm back with this week's featured TED Talk... you know the organization that spreads ideas worth spreading (that I'm in L-O-V-E with). I wanted to switch up this week's talk and feature something a little lighter. 

The below video is from
a TEDx Vancouver event featuring creative marketing consultant Chen Lizra who discusses the powerful tool of seduction in our everyday lives. This talk is provocative in that Ms. Lizra uses the sexual connotation of the word 'seduction' to illustrate that seduction can be more than a device for temptation. Some people watching this video may not take it that way and never get pass the surface to see that the talk is really about self-confidence, passion and drive to live one's life and fulfill their dreams. Well that's what I took away from the talk. 
What I enjoy about the TED Talks is it gives the world a forum to talk about ideas in a different way that provoke deeper discussions. Like I said in my first TED-centric post A Different Perspective on: Introverts being presented with new ideas can be a catalyst to self-evaluation. An evaluation that makes us think differently about who we are and the world we live in the only difference is how will you react?

If you are interested in more perspectives in seduction you might want to check out Ms. Lizra's book My Seductive Cuba where much of the inspiration for her TED Talk comes from. I'll definitely say she 'seduced' me to think more inspiredly about my personal potential.

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