Friday, March 1, 2013

In the Pursuit of Chocolate, I found...

Godiva Clam Shell shaped piece of milk chocolate with hazelnet flavored chocolate filling.... yummy.
In the pursuit of chocolate last month, I found... no not sweets for my valentine but another overlooked use for my camera. In my post 2012 in Pictures I raved about how much I adore my Canon Powershot ELPH 310HS camera. So what new thing did I find? Well its use as a low vision aid. 
During the holidays back in December we got a box of assorted Godiva chocolates. The box came with a description of all the different chocolate flavors but the print was so small. Stargardt's disease and other forms of Macular degeneration mostly affect central vision which makes reading especially small print difficult. So what I did was I took the picture on the macro setting. Doing so allowed me to zoom in on the picture to clearly read the print. Oh if you were wondering if it tasted any good.... it was delicious.
So have you ever found an alternative use for a product or device you've used. Or what low-vision devices do you use throughout the day, would love to know.

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