Friday, March 15, 2013

Artist Yvonne Felix Thriving With Stargardt's

 Photo 1 Attribution: Yvonne Felix Arts | website:

It seems that I keep on finding people with Stargardt's who are some how involved in the arts. Well the trend continues with artist Yvonne Felix who I met via Twitter.
Yvonne is a Canadian public and community artist, an educator, an advocate, wife and a mother of two. Oh and she also has Stargardt's Disease which hasn't stopped her from pursuing her goals. 

Yvonne advocates for the inclusion of the visually impaired in the arts and contributes to this effort by teaching art classes in her community. She creates art from her finger tips that range from small pieces of jewelry to large public installations (featured below)
Photo 2 Attribution: Yvonne Felix Arts | Website:
I highly recommend to check out Yvonne's website where it showcases more of her accomplishments and good-works. I also want to thank Yvonne for allowing me to share the pictures of her art.

Photo 1: Picture is the shadow of a large art installation (Umbra) that is shaped like a large magnifying glass. The shadow encircle the word "Sensitivity" that is engraved in brick on the ground. Artist Yvonne Felix was commissioned by the City of  Hamilton to create the installation for Police Services. | Photo Attribution: Yvonne Felix Arts | website:

Photo 2: The Umbra installation that Yvonne was commissioned to create for  Hamilton Police Services . The structure is over 6.5 ft. tall and resembles a large magnifying glass. | Photo Attribution: Yvonne Felix Arts | Website:

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