Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Perils of the Peculiar Pursuit of Perfection

I might have to copyright the title of this blog post with its amazing or ostentatious display of acrobatic alliteration. I'll stop patting myself on the back and get on to what I wanted to say. I haven't posted anything close to a month and that is due to several reasons. No need to worry about my vision its pretty much hanging around at 20/200 - 20/100. From time to time I just need to disconnect from the internet and that's what I've done. I'm very active trying to manage 3 blogs, 2 Twitter accounts, Facebook and just keeping up with social media in general. This is also on top of having a life outside of the internet too.

The main culprit in my absence is trying to be perfect. Wanting this blog to be something more than me, when it really should just be me. In saying it should be "me" I mean I need to stop putting unrealistic pressure on myself to succeed or be the best. My first posts on this blog came from what I was feeling and wanting to share about my journey. When I put pressure on myself I become blocked and riddled with anxiety which in turn puts everything on hold. I have been done this road before when I started my sweepstakes blog on tumblr. I wanted everything to be perfect but realized if I just let my expectations move out the way everything would be fine. So I'm going to let this blog evolve. In time it will be what I want it to be but I need to let it crawl before it walks. This is why pursuing perfection is peculiar because it really doesn't exist and you'll have many perils in trying to find it.

If you struggle with perfectionism you might like to check out the following article: Just Perfect: 5 Signs You Might Be A Chronic Perfectionist

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