Monday, July 23, 2012

Initial Reaction Caught on Twitter

"I've always wanted to learn a new language... didn't know it was going to be braille #brightside" - Tweet written 04/02/12 in reaction to my diagnosis of Stargardt's Disease.

My twitter account is often used as a cathartic stream of seemingly random musings. Twitter is my preferred social network oddly enough because 95% of the people I follow or who I follow I don't know. So I tend to give myself permission to be unrestricted in what I say on the site. I've tweeted everything from breakups, my spiritual beliefs, my unpopular opinion on tattoos and more. So why wouldn't I tweet about my life changing diagnosis.
The following are tweets from April 2, 2012. They were mostly written after I did some brief research on Stargardt's disease. It was my attempt not to fall into a pessimistic attitude which is if you knew me isn't a difficult task for me.

04/02/12 11:56 am EST  - I guess another person today is going to be shining more lights in my eyes. Hopefully he can tell me what's wrong. 

04/02/12 12:03 pm EST -  I have a feeling I'm going to end up seeing more doctors b4 they know what is wrong 100%. 

04/02/12 5:39 pm ESTI guess it was good I bought a camera today.... there won't be many years left for me to really appreciate pictures.

04/02/12 5:41 pm EST -So I've been slowly losing my vision the majority of my life and didn't know it. You learn something new everyday.

04/02/12 5:42 pm EST - 

I have to "look" at the brightside of things. Looking anywhere else is kinda hard LOL.

04/02/12 5:44 pm EST - I've always wanted to learn a new language... didn't know it was going to be braille.

04/02/12 5:48 pm EST - The official diagnosis right now is Stargardt's Disease. Basically its my parents fault... lol

04/02/12 5:51 pm EST - The glasses in my Avi are not prescription..I'm just trying to look like a hipster.

04/02/12 5:52 pm EST - Don't get me wrong being told at 27 years old that you're going blind upsets me, but things could be worse.

04/02/12 5:54 pm EST - I'm fortunate that I live in a time and place where I have access to technology so I can make the best out of life.

04/02/12 7:24 pm EST - I don't think me being diagnosed with this disease is karma in any way, It predates any wrongs 

I've done, I'm just aware of it now.

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