Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Video: My Last 2 Videos

2014 so far is a low productivity year for this blog. I've been venturing out on other territories on this grand social media sphere but rarely do I touch down on home base (this blog). I've started other projects some are winding down so I'll have a bit more time. 
The two videos below are my latest uploads to my youtube channel Essceejulies. The channel is a companion to this blog so you can check it out here at this link: www.youtube.com/TheEssceejulies If I'm not posting here I'm most likely posting there. (Thursdays)

The first video directly below is an update. This summer has been very busy and I just catch everyone up to what's been going on.

The second video I talk about officially becoming a pedestrian. Back a few weeks ago it had been the first time in seven years I had been to the DMV (department of motor vehicles). The last time I was there my vision was better and I was taking a photo for my driver's license. Now I was going there to get  proper identification. It was bittersweet but that's the reality I presently live in.

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