Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My VEDA Experience #SSSVEDA

Last month I participated in VEDA or Vlog Everyday In August. A vlog is a portmanteau of the words "video" and "blog". I flirted with the idea of vlogging or making videos on Youtube since 2007 (before I was diagnosed with Stargardt's). I've always enjoyed the creative content the site has to offer. Yes, its more than cat videos! Its also been amazing to see so many of the creators develop their brands and others sharing their lives over the years.

Last year when I was diagnosed with Stargardt's I didn't really know what my vision would be like a year from that date. Would my vision be stable or worse? It was like being in a visual limbo, feeling stuck. I can not sit back anymore and wonder what will happen, I have to live within my capabilities. If my vision allows me to film and edit videos then I'm not going to hold myself back.

I participated in the Savvy Sexy Social VEDA or the #SSSVEDA which was hosted by social media marketing consultant Amy Schmittauer. We had a topics calendar that helped guide us in making content for our videos. In an effort to keep up with the calendar I really didn't get to properly explain what life has been life dealing with vision loss. If you were to watch my videos you really can't tell that I have a visual impairment. That is partially why I wanted to make videos because automatically most people assume that everyone who is visually impaired is totally blind. 

I didn't post the videos here because I was embarrassed. It was really the first time where I had to sit back and look at myself. I'll admit that it was weird but I feel like its something everyone should do. Its a great way to build self-confidence. Since I'm a newbie at filming and editing, the videos aren't  the best but I had fun. I often film my vlogs outside while I take walks holding my point and shoot camera in my hand. The lens is pointed toward me as I talk to it. This may look weird but I realized that because of my visual impairment I'll potentially have more experiences of "looking" weird.

I also needed the creative challenge to break me out of a writer's block with this blog. I was developing a high level of anxiety about writing because I wanted my posts to be "perfect". Being perfect is something I've discussed before in a previous post The Perils of the Peculiar Pursuit of Perfection. Participating in VEDA reminded me that practice makes perfect and that writing is a skill first then an art. Not everything you create will be amazing but the more effort you put into it you'll eventually get there.

Below is one of my videos:

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