Monday, August 5, 2013

Kim Nguyen: Varying Degrees of Visual Impairment

Since I've been a part of the visually impaired community for less than 16 months I'm still learning a lot. Its sort of like a baby learning how to walk, still a little awkward in their gait. At times its difficult to explain what's going on because I just don't have the experiences or the confidence to explain what I see. Sometimes navigating through the feelings involved when dealing with vision loss is more difficult than actually confronting the impairment. Imagine my excitement when I came across the youtube channel of 19 year-old Kim Nguyen. 

Kim in the below video does a great job explaining the varying degrees of visual impairement. She explains the differences in visual acuity, varying ability  her vision and even her frustration with the ignorance of some sighted-people. Since I'm legally blind I don't use a cane and couldn't believe some of the rudeness that Kim has experienced. For instance some sighted people think that its absolutely fine to grab a visually-impaired person without asking because they think they're being helpful. WTF? Just because someone is using a cane doesn't give you permission to "help" them.

This is why (in my opinion) more visually impaired people are using social media to educate the sighted-world of our capabilities. That's why I've become more focused in my efforts to spread awareness about being visually impaired. One of those efforts is making Youtube videos.
This month I'm participating in VEDA which stands for Vlog Everyday In August (or April). I'm doing the VEDA with the Savvy Sexy Social Troop hosted by Amy Schmittauer  VEDA is a vlog bootcamp to help people to get more comfortable in making videos. A vlog is a portmanteau of the words video and blog. Generally the people who make these vlogs are called vloggers.
In a previous post I featured blind vlogger Tommy Edison. Now don't get me wrong I think his videos are hilarious but I wanted to find vloggers who have different visual experiences. During the past year I have found dozens of other visually impaired vloggers and even two who also have Stargardt's.

At times I don't like using the phrase "legally-blind" to describe what I see because automatically sighted-people assume that you can see nothing at all which is not true. That's why I like Kim's video so much because she amazingly explains what people see and what they can't.
You can check out Kim's Youtube channel HERE and check out my channel HERE

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