Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Discussion: Genetic Testing

By Jerome Walker,Dennis Myts (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons | Image Wiki  | Image File

"You are not the father!" I know, I know interesting phrase to start off this post with, but trust me read further along and it'll make sense. For those of you in the US who are familiar with daytime TV you know the phrase is from The Maury Povich Show. One of the most popular topics on the show deals with paternity of children which are conducted via DNA analysis. DNA analysis isn't just performed with issues of paternity but also in the areas of crime forensics and anthropological studies to name a few.

Often times when it comes to issues of genetics or DNA we are concerned with paternity or in criminal cases but not when it comes to having children. When I was first diagnosed with Stargardt's I was concerned with how vision loss would affect my ability to be a mother. (There are several wonderful visually impaired moms out there) I wasn't so much concerned about the possibility of passing this disease to my potential children or even on how I inherited the disease myself.

Now Stargardt's isn't the only inherited disease in the world but diseases like it do bring up discussions in family planning and genetic counseling. Many Stargardt's patients are advised to get genetic tests done so they know what form they have and for research. I myself haven't had the test done, but hopefully will so in the future. If you or a loved one has Stargardt's you can check out Asper Biotech's DNA Testing Services.

I just wanted to talk about this topic as a discussion. Just wanted to know if other Stargardt's patients have had the DNA tests done. I also want to know from others how do you think genetic testing will affect people's choices in family planning. Leave your comments below and share this post.

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